From the archives: Black America

Originally published Nov. 1, 1968


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With the theme ‘Black America’, the first Domestic Affairs week will be Nov. 11 through the 15. The purpose of the project is to acquaint students with Black America through guest speakers, films and participation. It also gives students experience in organizing a domestic affairs week.

On Nov. 11, an assembly will present the background, history, culture and accomplishments of the black community. Mr. Ray history in the Clinton Job Corps Center of Davenport, will be the speaker. Plans are headed by Chairman Bruce Walker.

Tuesday will deal with black frustrations and actions. Black Action members from the University [of Iowa] may be guests. They will explain what black power is, why it originated, mid where it is going from here. Paula Pressely and Marsha Martin are student co-chairmen.

Wednesday a conservative white reaction may be presented. Curt Moore is chairman in charge of contacting a student from this area.

Thursday, members from the National Association of Colored People (NAACP) may speak. Leslie Davidsen and Lyn Nell Hancock are co-chairmen.

Friday, a conclusion is planned with a panel composed of each chairman. Paul McCauley, the overall student chairman of all plans organization, will head this panel. Other assemblies include a Black Theatre Group and poetry session in which black plays may be presented or black poems recited during lunch hours. Melissa Kelly is student chairman.

Films committee with Frank Nidey, chairman, is responsible for acquiring and running of films during the week. Resources committee, with Leslie Davidsen and Lyn Nell Hancock as co-chairmen, contact people in Iowa City who could talk to a small group.

If the gym is completed by this date, most assemblies will be held there and films in the Little Theatre.