On the spot: Santa isn’t real?

On the spot: Santa isnt real?

Elizabeth Lin

The WSS asked West High students how and when they found out the truth about Santa.

“I don’t really remember when or how, but I used to set out a motion detector by our tree to try to catch Santa.  It never worked.” — Erin Wilson ’11

“My house doesn’t have a chimney, so I realized that  Santa could never have possibly gotten in our house.”  — Erica Segre ’12

“In 3rd grade, Santa got me a really expensive doll house.  I was really excited and told my friend how it was definitely from Santa because my parents could never have afforded it.  My friend broke the news to me that Santa was not real.” — Bailey Miller ’11

“When I was about 6 or 7, I was confused because a few of my presents said they were from Wal-Mart.  I didn’t understand why Santa bothered to put Wal-Mart on his presents.” — Sophie Donta ’11

“I saw my dad putting presents under the tree.” — Jordan Wright ’13

“I heard my parents talking about how expensive a present was.  I remember thinking, ‘But it’s from Santa!’ ” — Molly Parsons ’11