Fashion profile: Nick Burgess ’18

Michael Moonjely, Print Managing Editor

Burgess Fashion
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Chances are you will not find Nick Burgess ’18 at a local mall. Ever since he was in eighth grade, Burgess’ unique sense of style has led him to buy clothes from all over the world.

“Once I started to work and make my own money, I could afford the clothes that I wanted. When I was working at [Bluebird Diner] I would spend almost 70 percent of my paycheck on clothes,” Burgess said.

His favorite stores include the New York based brand Supreme, Swedish fashion house, Acne Studios and French outfitter Saint Laurent. Since Burgess is unable to visit these stores in person, he resorts to various online outlets.

“Usually I look at Barney and Dover Street online, but when I want to find a really good deal I go to Grailed,” Burgess said. Since its debut almost two years ago, has become a leading marketplace for buying and selling secondhand designer mens clothing.

“Probably the best deal I have ever gotten was on [Grailed]. It was a pair of Acne jeans that retail for $280, but I got them for $120.”

However, Burgess occasionally gets to visit some of the other stores he loves in person.

“I went to New York this summer with my friend Noah and that was a really cool experience. The street style there is incredible. I also go to Chicago every once in awhile and visit stores like Notre and RSVP Gallery.”

Burgess notes that his love for fashion stems from many people including his friends, mother, sister and girlfriend, Karli Maurer ’18.

“Sometimes when we hangout we just look at clothes together. It is fun for us to hear each other’s opinions. [Nick] always shows me something before he buys it, and I’m pretty picky,” Maurer laughs.

Although he does not follow many blogs, Burgess gets inspiration from social media and street style.

“I am pretty active on Reddit, and [I frequent] a subreddit dedicated to street wear. Other than that I follow people like Austin Butts (@asspizza) and Ian Connor (@ianconnorsrevenge) [on Instagram]. Also, a lot of international students at the University of Iowa have really great style. My friends and I always hang out at Bubbleology downtown, and there are always Japanese students wearing really cool designers like Rick Owens,” Burgess said.

Burgess says that some people think his style is ridiculous, including his parents.

“My parents are kind of used to it by now. My dad thinks it’s pretty insane, and my mom has actually shrunk some clothes that she doesn’t like. Even though they don’t like everything I buy, I think [my parents] want me to pursue fashion as a career because of how passionate I am,” Burgess said.

Although he is still unsure of what the future holds, he has some key advice for those who are trying to develop their own style.

“I want to work at this new contemporary men’s clothing store called Scout, which is opening downtown later this year. My biggest piece of advice would be to buy what you like and have your own opinion, you know yourself the best.”