Students answer questions about Spain

Over Spring break, Spanish students traveled to Spain. Check out this video of them testing their Spanish knowledge.


Layla Hannaford, Video Editor and Broadcast Manager

The Spanish students returned home after two weeks overseas in Spain. Juniors Marissa Mead, Orion Staskal and Dylan Gao arrived last Thursday night after an eleven and a half hour flight home. While there, they visited many cities including Madrid, Segovia, Seville, Granada, Toledo, Huelva, Cartaya, Aracena and Andalusia. These city trips comprised of tours of churches and museums, as well as strolls throughout the city.

Though spending very little time in Granada, Staskal and Gao named it the most interesting city they visited.

“We had time to just explore and see kinda the backstreets and the overall culture of the city,” Staskal said.

Mead, however, thought the most interesting city was Cartaya.

“That’s where our family stay was and I really [enjoyed] our family stay,” Mead said.

All the students agree that their trip challenged them to use and expand their proficiency in Spanish.

“It actually makes me want to learn more Spanish culture and the language,” stated Gao.

Video by Layla Hannaford.