Fashion and friendship Friday: Sofia and Sasha

Good friends Sofia Perez ‘17 and Sasha Tyler ‘18 share friendship as well as their-close to flawless-fashion styles.

Having a best friend can add an enjoyable aspect to one’s life. Best friends Sofia Perez ’17 and Sasha Tyler ’17 bond over fashion and draw inspiration from each other.

Meeting in downtown Iowa City near a graffiti covered wall, the girls came in two different yet bold outfits. Close friends Sofia Perez ‘17 and Sasha Tyler ‘18 bond over fashion and draw inspiration from each other’s personal styles.

Perez ‘17 was wearing a bright pink shirt from one of her favorite stores Zara. She wore the shirt with a pair of jeans that she had bought from Goodwill. With a classic white t-shirt from American Eagle and a pair of Birkenstocks, the look stayed comfortable yet put together. Perez said she bases her outfits on comfort and draws inspiration from the 90’s.

“I definitely should be in the 90’s. I like being comfortable but also being cute,” she said.

Tyler ‘18 started the shoot in a simple black dress from Old Navy, a store which she has recently discovered an interest in. She wore a jacket from Forever 21 and a pair of white ruffle socks from Target. Tyler completed the outfit with one of her favorite shoes, black high-top Converse. An outfit with a dress, cute socks and booties or converse is one of Tyler’s go-to looks.

“I like to be bold and different than other people but classy and sassy when I want to be,” Tyler said.

When describing each other’s styles Tyler  said Perez’s fashion resembles New York or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Perez and Tyler both prefer to shop in-store, rather than online. They take frequent trips to the Coral Ridge Mall together, always stopping in Forever 21. Sometimes they will check out TJ Maxx to look for cheaper items.

“We shop together a lot,” Perez said.

“I usually just stick to the mall,” Tyler said.

Besides each other, they both have people whom they draw fashion inspiration from.

“I draw inspiration from Bre Bradshaw [‘18] in terms of outfits and Shay Mitchell. I’m obsessed with Shay Mitchell; I love her style. I love how she transitions really well. Like one day she can dress really edgy, and then the next she can be classy,” Perez said.

“I get fashion inspiration from Kate VanderLeest ‘17 and Jane the Virgin,” Tyler said.

Both Perez’s and Tyler’s styles have evolved throughout their high school careers. According to Perez, it can be easy to follow what everybody else wears, but both girls realized they liked to wear whatever they wanted.

“I used to wear just leggings and a sweatshirt. I wouldn’t say it was a trend, but it was just what everyone else was wearing. But then I realized that I liked wearing other clothes that made made me look more put together,” Perez said.

“Freshman year I started wearing heels to school and realized I liked them. And two summers ago I wanted to change my whole style to just dresses. So now whenever I go shopping I usually look for dresses. I love dresses,” Tyler said.

Some may find it hard to find their own personal style. Luckily, Perez and Tyler are willing to give their advice to those who are still searching for their personal sense of style.

“Wear what you’re comfortable in. It’s good to have role models but don’t completely copy other people’s style. You do you boo hoo,” Perez suggested.
“Take risks, even if you see something you want to copy. There are so many variations you can create while still capturing the same style or look” Tyler said.

Photography by Teresa Knecht