Classroom or Canvas: What is the academic site choice?

Students and teachers discuss the academic websites Google Classroom and Canvas.


Asha Irani, Videographer

Last year students and teachers at West High school made the transition to the online academic site Google Classroom. While some teachers have embraced Classroom, Physics teachers Scott Kahler and Dominic Audia have chosen a different network for their students to use.

Kahler is using Canvas for the first time this school year. According to its website, Canvas is “a learning management system that is a way to simplify teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools teachers use in one easy place.” In more understandable terms, Canvas is a website in which teachers can post homework assignments, online tests, and manage grades.

“It randomizes test and homework values which really helps with individual accountability,” said Kahler. Although Kahler noted that it is a great tool, he also mentioned that Canvas could be improved.

“It doesn’t connect with Powerschool like some other sites, so I have to manually enter all the grades after [my students] have taken their tests and done homework.”

Students believe there are ups and downs to the use of the non-Classroom site.

“There are so many different [academic websites] that teachers use that I end up forgetting my usernames and passwords and which teachers use which websites,” said Mackenzie Voigt ’17.

Samantha Young ’18 has an opposing viewpoint.

“I have Kahler for Physics, and I like using Canvas. […] It’s pretty much like Classroom except you can do the homework assignments directly on the site rather than just being reminded about them,” said Young.

However, students aren’t the ones choosing which of the two sites to use: teachers make that ultimate decision.

“Canvas [just fit with] my curriculum,” said Kahler on the matter. “You should make the decision based on what works for you.”