Rumor Buster: Olympic trial qualifier Ruby Martin ’18 considering swimming at West

There’s been some talk of Ruby Martin ’18 joining West High girls swimming next year. Read on to see what she has to say.


Lauren Katz, Copy Editor, Editorials Editor

WSS: There’s been a rumor that you’re doing high school swimming next year. Could you confirm/shoot down this rumor?

Martin: I definitely am considering it for next year because it is my senior year and I have not done it throughout my high school career! It would be a new training environment, new teammates and overall experience compared to club swimming! But I’m not 100 percent sure quite yet about doing it. I think it would be an awesome team experience. Just like previous swimmers have said! Representing my school in that Iowa state meet is something I do want to experience! I’m definitely more for doing it than not, currently.  

WSS: If you are doing high school swimming, what are you looking forward to?

Martin: If I do high school swimming next year, I will look forward to representing my school at all the meets we attend. Also meeting new swimmers and encouraging them to do great things and pursue their dreams! As well as being a leader as part of being a senior.

WSS: If you’re not doing high school swimming, what will next year look like in terms of training/college? Have you thought about if you want to swim in college?

Martin: If I decide not to do high school swimming, it will be mainly for training purposes. I have decided I am swimming in college. I’m in the middle of the recruiting process currently so we’ll see where I end up.