Leah makes it up

Aspiring beauty guru, Leah Brownsberger 18’ shares her passion for makeup and a versatile look for the prom season.

Sadie Rhomberg, Reporter

Video by Kristina Rosebrook

For many people, doing their makeup is a somewhat meaningless part of their everyday routine, but for junior Leah Brownsberger, it means much more. Brownsberger was always relatively artistic, but she didn’t know she could use her face as a canvas to express her creativity until eighth grade. After playing around with different products and tools, Brownsberger found a new passion that has changed her daily life.

Although Brownsberger does not wear makeup everyday, on the days that she does, she enjoys taking her time.

“I prefer for [my makeup routine] to take an hour and a half because that’s the perfect amount of time.” Any shorter and she feels rushed, but if any longer, she feels bored.

Brownsberger’s friends admire her makeup, not just because it looks nice, but because it’s different than what most students wear at school. Samantha Young ’18 believes that Brownsberger stands out.

“She experiments with color on her eyes and lips,” Young said.

Unlike Brownsberger, Audra Warren ’18 doesn’t consider herself a makeup fanatic, but she enjoys seeing Brownsberger’s creativity. Warren said that Brownsberger can experiment with makeup and make it look good. Just using different shades, Brownsberger can make bold colors fit into an everyday look.

“She’ll put blue under her eyes and that will look really cool,” Warren said.

The popularity of makeup has spread all over social media. Scrolling through Instagram and Youtube, countless videos on makeup and beauty can be found. There are many available resources for those looking to improve their makeup skills.

Brownsberger favors the makeup craze.

“It’s becoming something for everyone” she said. “[It’s] really making it possible for everyone to develop an interest in makeup.”

Along with the rising popularity in makeup, beauty communities have expanded as well.
Brownsberger has wanted to be a part of the group and aspires to be a creator of the beauty videos, so she made a beauty Instagram account @leahmakesitup. The beauty community can be defined as a group of people who share a love for makeup, skin care and anything beauty related.

Being a beauty creator can be very time consuming with recording and editing videos, uploading them and keeping up with social media, so Brownsberger finds it difficult to find time. After going to school, attending theatre rehearsals and doing homework, she doesn’t have much time to redo her makeup and take a photo with decent lighting.

“Hopefully as things start to settle down I’ll be able to put more time into it,” Brownsberger said.

Her makeup creations are different from many typical ‘going out looks.’ Brownsberger creates looks that are not only beautiful, but artistic as well.

“I do more conceptual stuff,” Brownsberger said.

On Instagram she shared a project of themed makeup looks for the four houses of Hogwarts. Brownsberger incorporated similar colors to match each house to develop a bold look. She is currently working on more projects involving seasons and elements.

Her friends are supportive of her makeup account and they enjoy seeing the creative looks that Brownsberger develops. Good friend Warren saw her Harry Potter looks and said “I like how she does themes…it’s really cool and fun.”

Outside of her online life, Brownsberger participates in Theatre West, previously involved in makeup crew but now as an actress. There can be some down time during rehearsals, and during this time she and Young have bonded over their interests in makeup.

“All we talk about is makeup. We also share products that we both like,” said Young.

Although Brownsberger has a positive outlook regarding makeup, she has also witnessed the harsher side as well. The phrase “cake-face” has often been used to describe an individual who wears a lot of makeup. So much makeup that they ‘cake’ it on and apply multiple layers of foundation or powder, resulting in a heavy and ‘cakey’ look.

“[it is important to] find role models that make you feel like it’s okay to do your makeup however you want,” Brownsberger said.

Looking up to confident individuals can give someone the extra boost that they need to wear the makeup look they desire. No matter what, Brownsberger does her makeup for herself. Most importantly, she does it to make herself happy.

Over the years of pursuing her passion, she learned to follow her own interests, regardless of other’s opinions, and that having confidence is key. She encourages those who are trying to get involved with makeup.

“If people criticize you, ignore them” Brownsberger said.

Brownsberger believes that people spend too much time criticizing those who aren’t perfect.

“Don’t get discouraged and don’t let others decide what makes you happy,” Brownsberger said.