“I Hope I Get it!”: West High student’s thoughts on the auditioning process


On a beautiful September afternoon, the once barren hallway in front of the choir room suddenly cascades with actors, singers, and dancers anticipating to be chosen to be in the cast of the upcoming fall musical, Beauty and the Beast. I stopped to ask a few of the hopefuls what they think of the auditioning process.

Why are you auditioning for the musical?:

“Because I love music and singing.” – Katie Harper ’13

“BECAUSE I LOVE THEATER!” – Emerson Grow ’12

“To take whatever role Emerson (Grow) wishes to achieve.” – Josh Fortmann ’12

“I did it last year and it was a lot of fun.” – Geoffry Dick ’14

What’s your favorite thing about auditioning?

“The adrenaline rush.” – Katie Harper

“Seeing everyone who comes out to audition.” – Emerson Grow

“Because it’s nice to feel like you have a chance, even if you don’t”- Carly Stamnes ’14

“THE SINGING PART” -Josh Fortmann

“Going and having fun. Not worrying about what people think.”  – Keion Kazerani ’14