Rising star: Gabe Caruthers

Gabe Caruthers ’19 is heading into the state championships with the second fastest 200 meter time in the 4A division. Caruthers is also an essential part of several relays for West High, which are all seeded in the top five. Read to learn more about Caruthers and his fast paced track and field career.

Ellie Gretter, Sports Editor

West Side Story: When did you start running?

Gabe Caruthers: I’ve always done sports, but I have never really been good at them. Except for in football I could get down the field fast and in baseball I could get to the bases fast. So, I was kind of always liked running but just not as a sport yet.

WSS: Why did you decide to do track?

GC: My seventh grade year I did football and then the same deal, I was running and then [the coaches] were like, “Are you going to go out for track? You are fast.” And then I asked, “What’s track?” and they said, “Well it’s a sport where you just run.” So then I was like, “Oh this sounds fun, I guess I’ll go out.”

WSS: What is your favorite part about track?

GC: My favorite part about track is this exhilarating feeling I get when I’m doing my thing, and I’m running fast. I’m good at it. I mean it’s just a great feeling.

WSS: Who has been your biggest mentor in track?

GC: My biggest mentor has been J.C. Moreau of Strength U. I did not really have a lot of discipline going into track, like good form and technique, but, through him I learned quite a bit. I got a lot better this year because of him.

WSS: What is your favorite event to run?

GC: The 200-meter dash. In the 100-meter dash I can’t really get full speed; it’s just a technique thing. But in the 200-meter dash I can get full speed, like it’s all out. I have the speed endurance for it and I do great in it.

WSS: What is your best memory from track so far?

GC: The districts qualifying meet. I told the team at the beginning of the season I’m going to run a 21.9 this year and at first they [doubted me] and just at the qualifying meet I ran a 21.97, so I did it.

WSS: What are your goals for the future?

GC: Run next year. Run my senior year. Run for college and I really want to go to the Olympics, but, we’ll have to see how far I can get.