The cool new trend: frozen yogurt recipes


Strawberry Cookie Supreme (Erin Swartzendruber ’12)
o   Yoghurt: Cookies and Cream + Strawberry Sensation
o   Toppings: Strawberries + Snickers + Cookie Dough

Bear-y Cheesecake (Allie Morlan ’13)
o   Yoghurt: White Chocolate Mouse + Cheesecake
o   Toppings: Cheesecake Bites + Raspberries + Strawberries + Gummy Bears

Ice Cream Fruit Cake (Claire Hird ’13)
o   Yoghurt: Tahitian Vanilla + Peanut Butter
o   Toppings: Black Berries + Blue Berries + Cheesecake Bits

Omnomnom Tasty (Josh Fortmann ’12)
o   Yoghurt: Dreamy Dark Chocolate + Tahitian Vanilla + Cookies and Cream + Peanut Butter
o   Toppings: Cookie Dough + Oreo Pieces

Heaven in aCup (Jesse Robinson ’12)
o   Yoghurt: Half White Chocolate Mousse + Half Cookies and Cream + a Dab of Red Velvet Cupcake
o   Toppings: Butterfinger Pieces + Oreo Pieces + Coconut + Gummy Bears

A Whole-Lot-A Chocolate (Marita Loops ’12)
o   Yoghurt: Dark Dreamy Chocolate + Cookies and Cream
o   Toppings: Cookie Dough + Oreo Pieces + Peanuts + Chocolate Chips + Kit Kat Pieces