How to: survive high school

Freshmen and seniors team up to discuss their worries and solutions to all things secondary education has to offer.

(Eman Elsheikh and Luke Reynolds)

Luke Reynolds, Copy Editor, Anchor, Reporter

Let’s face it: the first year of high school is rough. You can’t fit anything in your shoebox-sized locker. The lunch line is crowded and you can never find a good spot unless you cut (which is illegal). Plus, having to carry 500 pounds worth of textbooks home? There’s your ticket to becoming a hunchback by sophomore year.

But there’s more to high school than just that. There are clubs, sports, friendships and the looming, ominous cloud over our heads that is The Future. For all underclassmen stressing out about the paths laid out for them, there is a solution: talk to an upperclassman you trust. They will have ideas that will hopefully answer all the questions you have. To show these solutions, we brought two freshmen and two seniors together and paired them up to find out what high school means to them and how to survive it. Check out the seniors’ solutions and all the hysterical conversations that follow.