An open letter to all Black Friday shoppers

Here are a few things you should avoid doing on Black Friday to help out the workers and yourself, coming from a retail worker.


Teya Kerns

Stores begin to prepare for the Black Friday madness coming on this Friday, the 24th

Sophie Stephens, Online Managing Editor

Trying on everything in the store and not buying anything
I get that you love the clothes and want to make sure they fit, but spending 20 minutes in one of four fitting rooms on the craziest day of the year is a waste of time. Items can be returned.

Leaving all the items you tried on in a ball on the fitting room floor
It does not take that much time to pick up a t-shirt and hang it on a hanger (trust me, I do it as my job) so when you do not take the time to do so it makes my job ten times harder and my annoyance ten times worse.

Getting mad at the workers because it is busy
Everyone had the idea to go shopping today, just like you did. Sorry you were not greeted at the door or asked if you were finding everything alright by the employee, I kind of have my hands full.

Complaining about not having your size
Again, a very, very large number of people have been coming in and out shopping and buying. I cannot control who buys what, or how many items or sizes we have available.

Commenting on how the store looks
There has been a continuous flood of people shopping their way through this store since 6 a.m.; I am fully aware of the state of the store. Trust me, I am not too thrilled about it either.

Coming into the store two minutes before close
I really, really just want to go home and go to bed. Please respect the expanded hours that were posted two weeks ago and plan your shopping around that time frame.

Talking on the phone while workers are talking to you
You may not even know this is rude. I am sure you have much more pressing issues than learning about our credit card or other add-on deals, and since it is my job to smile and be nice you may not get the hint. But please, set the phone down for two minutes so I can tell you your total and hand you your bag.

Let’s all just use some of that Midwestern politeness to stay cool, calm and collected”

Being rude about literally anything else
This should really just go without saying. Black Friday is stressful for the workers as well as the shoppers. Let’s all just use some of that Midwestern politeness to stay cool, calm and collected and have a bearable shopping trip.