By all of the expectations that have been infringed on the youth in society, we become no longer humans but machines created to follow out those expectations.


Alyson Kuennen

As technology becomes more and more prevalent, humans are becoming machines. Design by Selina Hua.

Dear reader,

I am no longer a teenager, no longer a human, no longer a child of my parents, but instead a machine of society running on a 24-hour clock. I am no longer taught how to be a good person but instead how to sit at a desk and nod my head for seven hours a day, five days a week, four weeks a month, 10 months a year, 13 years and longer until I get a job. From there I will continue nodding my head up to the point when I am replaced by a new machine.  

I am just a machine that gets good grades, has clear skin, nice teeth, beautiful hair, exercises, eats well, does homework, has a part-time job and of course, has a weight and body that society accepts. I no longer have petty human needs like food, sleep and water, for there are only 24 hours in a day and have no time to waste on unessential things.

If it has not been coded into me, then it will break me.”

— Fatima Kammona

I no longer think for myself or have opinions. I am just a machine developed by society to carry out its wishes. If for some odd reason, I do come up with an opinion, it is just a flaw in my programming. I will then post my opinions on a social media post but won’t carry out those opinions in life. Society will reprogram and fix that flaw and I will carry on with my tasks.

I can no longer handle any unexpected events or tasks that may come my way, as an error will then proceed. For I can only think what I’ve been programmed to think, and I can only do what I’ve been programmed to do. If it has not been coded into me, then it will break me.

I no longer know if I am a machine developed by society or a machine developed by myself to execute the tasks and expectations that society has infringed upon me.


Just another machine.

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