Jamming with West Side Story staffers (December edition)

Are you bored with your current playlist of music? Don’t worry, WSS has compiled some of their favorite December holiday songs to bring some snap back to your tunes.

Kristina Rosebrook, Online and Broadcast Entertainment Editor

Trees are being tied to cars, strangers are singing at your door and the neighbors have put an obnoxious amount of lights up across the street. That’s right, folks! It’s December. With all of these traditions come a whole wintry genre of music being played in crowded, over-heated department stores. West Side Story staffers have compiled some of their favorite holiday songs here, with a few unique twists added in.

Here is a wintry playlist created by another staffer if you are a bit tired of the classic Jingle Bells and All I Want for Christmas Is You: Winter Music Is Not (Necessarily) Holiday Music.