Grand prize for West High?


A new car. Hundreds of video games. A person can buy a lot with $50,000. The real question is: what can a school do with that much money?
Ever since September 23rd, West High has been in the running for a $50,000 grand prize from Verizon. Currently, West High isn’t even one of the top three contestants. In fact, it’s so far down the list the chances of winning seem unlikely. However, whether or not West High wins this prize is up to its students. Students can vote for West High once a day up through November 4th. In order to vote for West High, just text “WEST” to 66861, or go online to and select West Senior High School at the bottom of the drop down menu.
It’s up to the students of West High whether or not we win the prize, so vote now!
Principal Jerry Arganbright failed to comment on inquiries of how West High could use the prize money.