Mitch Gross campaigns for Coralville City Council


Politics is starting to heat up again with the upcoming caucuses and the presidential election in 2012. However, politicians aren’t just campaigning in Washington; local hopefuls are finding supporters for open city council, school board, and state senate positions. In fact West High faculty member Mitch Gross is vying for reelection in the Coralville city council.

Gross was first inducted into the council in 2007 and was immediately faced with the devastation of the floods in Coralville of 2008. He and his other city council members reacted with the upmost attentiveness and swiftness.

“We were very proactive, soliciting state money and fixing many peoples’ homes” Gross said.

His experiences before teaching at West High as a political figure in the state of Iowa, and his work in the city council has fostered and furthered his love for politics, and more specifically, city politics.

“What I love about city politics is that is non-partisan. It’s where people get things done.” Gross said.

Gross has tried to instill this passion for politics into his students at West High. He is the adviser for the West High Democrats club, but again, he succeeds in teaching politics in an unbiased, unprejudiced fashion. West High Democrats president Kasra Zarei ’13 has been a product of Gross’s wisdom and guidance, helping Gross hand out flyers and talk about Gross’s platform last Friday.

“[The Democrats club] went around and put door hangers on people’s doors that had Mr. Gross’s whole platform on it and told people to vote… He’s helped with our club and done a lot for the city.” Zarei said.

When asked how he tries to teach politics, Gross responds with no remarks on parties or economic policies, rather with a quick “I encourage political activeness.”

With elections for city council approaching this Tuesday, Gross looks at another opportunity to serve his state, city, and local community.