Top 5 must-watch horror films

The classic horror movie genre has been increasing in popularity throughout the years. While some wait in anticipation and others quake in fear, both horror enthusiasts and those disinclined to horror alike can enjoy the genre.

The TV adaptation of Scream came out in 2015 and is a more modernized version of the classic Scream movies.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

The TV adaptation of “Scream” came out in 2015 and is a more modernized version of the classic “Scream” movies.

With the recent success of “It” and “Get Out,” the horror genre has risen in popularity. As a result of other movies such as these, an increasing amount of people have begun to hop onto the horror movie bandwagon.

Despite this, there are some who simply cannot stomach the shock and gore which many of these movies contain. For those who wish to try something new or gain a newfound understanding of all the hype, here is a list of some movies and TV shows that would be a good start.



If you like a good laugh along with a couple of jump scares, then make yourself a bowl of popcorn and sit tight for this one hour and 45 minute blend of horror and comedy. “Gremlins”  is the perfect movie to screen at a sleepover. The comedic elements throughout the movie truly provide a great counter to the scarier parts, making it a great movie for someone new to the horror genre.



Made in 1996, “Scream”  is one of the classics. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of the genre, definitely start with this one. Scream  is a classic “slasher” movie because the villain uses a blade to murder the victims he stalks. However slasher movies are not for everyone as there tends to be lots of blood and suspense.

Tip: If you simply cannot sit through “Scream,” a perfectly comedic substitute would be “Scary Movie.”


“Scream” the TV show

This is not as scary as the real movie, and there’s an added bonus of high school drama. I personally love this show, which is a huge compliment considering I can hardly sit through “Coraline” without being scared out of my mind. It is the perfect mix of teen drama and horror and kept me hooked throughout the two seasons on Netflix.


“It Follows”

Sure, the title itself may sound terrifying, but don’t be fooled. While there are a couple jump scares and a few disturbing scenes, all in all it did not really scare me that much. However, it did lack the ability to hold my interest and I found myself playing games on my phone for a good portion of the movie. So, while it is under the horror genre and not as scary as most, it does not always captivate the viewer’s attention as a good scary movie should.


“American Horror Story”

While I admit this TV show can be downright disturbing at times, it also has some good old fashioned family/teen drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Be prepared for some gory/nasty scenes. If you are willing to step a bit out of your comfort zone, this would be the perfect series to jump into.

Warning: As a person who is a bit squeamish, there are some episodes I found difficult to sit through. I even skipped an entire season out of sheer fear. But the first season is my personal favorite and is almost impossible not to binge watch.