Horn student idols


See who these Horn Elementary students look up to:

“A doctor because they help pepole that need to do something.”-Prateek Raikwar, 12
“My parents because I want to be successful like them.”-Nina Elkadi,
“My parents because they are doctors and I want to be a doctor.”-Deniz Ince, 10

“My parents because they teach me a lot and (participate) in a lot ofathletics. I want to (participate) in athletics too.”-Joe Westemeyer,11

“My mom because she helps me when I feel sad.” -Samara Burnett, 5

“My dad because he does nice things for me.”-Matthew Bedell, 5 1/2

“(My friend) Miranda because she plays cards with me.”- Sophia Shin, 71/2

“(My friend) Sophia because she has been friends with me since Kindergarten.”- Miranda Feng, 7