How well do YOU know your best friend?

Quentin Misiag

Many things in our life have proven to stand the test of time. Certain clothing styles have come in and out and in again(sadly, not your single pair of  leather pants), as well as numerous musical acts from various generations such as The  Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and yes, even some of your favorite boy bands.

Along with these, many friendships have also proven to stand the “test of time”. These three friendships have survived the early years of pre-school, the often torrential and drama-filled times of junior high school and the coming of age high school years.

We asked each pair the following questions to test their knowledge of one another. How did they each stack up?

1) How long have you and your best friend been friends?
2) How did you and your best friend meet?
3) If you could describe your best friend in one word, what would it be and why? Also, how do you think your best friend would describe you?
4) What is your best friends favorite artist/band?
5) What is one thing your best friend couldn’t live without for a day and why? Has he/she done it before and what has happened?


Hansen (’12) about Young (’12):

1) “We’ve been friends for  10 years”
2) “We met at Lincoln Elementary School”
3) “A princess because she’s pretty much royalty. She would say the same for me. “
4) “Her favorite artist is Nicki Minaj”
5) “The CD I made for her car, because without it she would go through Nicki Minaj withdrawal”

“We used to tell everyone we were  cousins in junior high. We called each other BFFACF (best friends forever and cousins forever)”



Young (’12) about Hansen (’12):

1) “Around ten years, since elementary school”
2) “We met at Lincoln Elementary”
3) “Silly! She always makes me laugh! And a princess!
4) “Her favorite artist is Drake”
5) “She couldn’t live without her Drake CD!

“We used to fight over email in elementary school and one time at recess, she told us not to bother her because she was playing with the whales in a note. We also rode the fastest roller coaster in the world together in Ohio!”



Boldt (’13) about Code (’13)

 1) “We’ve been friends for four years.”
2) “We were at a tennis tournament (when we met). We didn’t know that many people there, so we started talking because we both had long hair and nobody else there was cool enough to have long hair.
3) “He’s friendly. He calls me witty. And silicious.”
4) “He’s going to say I’m wrong or even lying, but literally the last six months of his life the only thing he has played in his car is “Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King” by the Dave Matthews Band.
5) “Singing: He sings all the time, even though he’s still not quite sure how to. We made him try to stop one time and after about an hour, he just burst out in melodious song.”
“He was putting sunscreen on in the summer, and he missed a triangle right next to his nipple apparently. He woke up the next day with a miniature Bermuda Triangle permanently burned into his nipple. It’s still there.

“He sings. He sings, always. We get in the car, and I’ll put a CD in that we haven’t heard and after literally five seconds, he will start singing it, even though he has no idea what the lyrics are. He will butcher it horribly, because he doesn’t know what it sounds like, but he doesn’t care because he is Will Code, and he sings, and that’s just how it is.”

“Sometimes, when he’s walking, he just lifts up his shirt to show everyone how manly he is. I think it’s part of his homeostatic regulation procedures. He says, ‘It just feels right.‘”



Petersen (’12) about Vining (’12)

 1)”We’ve known each other  since preschool.”
2) “In preschool.”
3) “Entertaining, because even if we’re not doing anything very exciting, she finds a way to keep it fun and interesting. There’s really never a dull moment with her. I think she would probably describe me as excited or dramatic.”
4) “She doesn’t have one favorite (artist)! We listen to a wide variety of music.”
5) “Cheese: She eats everything with cheese, or just plain. And no, and I don’t think she ever would (live without it for a day).”


  Vining (’12) about Petersen (’12)


1)  “Sara Jane (Sara Petersen) and I became friends in preschool, we had the same black boots and I guess that just made us click.”

2)  “I don’t exactly remember our first meeting, but I know we were next to each other during nap time, which Sara and I never seemed to think we needed and got moved a lot by our teacher.”

3 “One word to describe her (Sara Petersen) would be perky. She is always excited to see anyone and everyone and always welcomes them with a huge hug, (which comes in handy for me, because I am not quite the type. I can usually avoid the hugging part of seeing people because she takes care of that. She also is a freakk about texting. If youu ever text her I would advise lots of double letters and smileys. I have heard her read texts aloud and if you don’t have alot of happy things in the text, she will assume you are mad or don’t want to actually talk. (Like I said, perky).”

  4)  “I don’t think she really has one (a favorite artist/band). Her iPod is hooked up to my music, so she listens to really awesome stuff. She also has this really random side of hard rock songs she knows all the words to. (I’m not sure where that came from).”

5) “She couldn’t live without  her Blackberry, or whatever phone she has had. If she isn’t texting people, it is catching up on Twitter, organizing her emails, or  just any excuse to use her phone. I can’t recall a day she hasn’t had it because she always has it, and it is always charged too.”

 “She is an amazing best friend, always there for me and knows what I want even before I do. Like we always say: We will be best friends cradle to grave.”