West Side Radio: A very Mulaney podcast

In this episode of the West Side Radio, WSS staffers and special guest Emily Hill ‘20 discuss the impact comedy has had on their generation and talk about one of their favorite comedians: John Mulaney.


Sean Brown

Emily Hill ’20 joins WSS staffers to discuss how comedy has impacted their generation in this episode of the West Side Radio.

While stand-up comedy has been around for centuries, its availability to the public has grown with the rise of Netflix. Comedians whose stand-up performances and sitcoms were popular in the 90s, like Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen DeGeneres, are able to reach a new generation through the streaming service with their web series and new comedy special respectively.

The growth of social media sites, including Instagram, Vine and YouTube, have also changed the way teens and young adults receive and interpret comedy. In this episode of the West Side Radio, staffers Jessica Doyle ‘19, Natalie Dunlap ‘20, Lucy Polyak ‘19, Maddi Shinall ‘19 and Sophie Stephens ‘19, along with guest commentator Emily Hill ‘20, discuss the impact millennial stand-up comedian John Mulaney has had on their humor.