Teachers complete the lyrics to love songs

To comemorate Valentine’s Day, WSS staffers asked West High teachers to complete the lyrics for love songs to the best of their ability. Here are the results…

We Found Love

By: Rihanna 

Yellow diamonds in the light

And we’re standing side by side

As your shadow crosses mine:

“I think you smell like butter.” ~ John Cooper





The Middle 

By: Zedd, Maren Morris

Looking at you, I can’t lie

Just pouring out admission

Regardless of my objection, oh

And it’s not about my pride

I need you on my skin

Just come over, pull me in, just

Oh, baby, why don’t you,

¨Pass that hand sanitizer¨~ Matt Harding


Higher Love, Steve Winwood

I could light the night up with my soul on fire

I could make the sun shine from pure desire

Let me feel that love come over me

Let me feel how strong it could be

Bring me “A bunsen burner.” ~ Michelle Wiknir 






LOVE SOMEONE by Lukas Graham

‘Cause when you love someone

You open up your heart

When you love someone

You may grow

If you love someone

And you’re not afraid to lose ’em

You’ll never close your wallet.” ~ Brendon Aitken

Greatest Love Story by LANCO

When I was gonna be your forever

You were gonna be my wife

But you went off to find better

And I was learning all about life

But I was what you wanted and you were what I needed

And we could meet in between

We were gonna be “broke.” ~ Molly Zywiec