West Side Radio: Breaking borders with Rabi Alaya ’20

Rabi Alaya ’20 joins host Ken Wilbur to discuss the complex sociopolitical situation in Syria in the latest episode of “Breaking borders”.


Mohammedhilal Al-ani

WSS staffer Ken Wilbur and Rabi Alaya ’20 pose for a picture in the West High courtyard.

Ken Wilbur, Podcast Editor

In the final episode of the 2018-19 school year, reporter Ken Wilbur ’20 discusses an intense conflict on “Breaking borders”. Rabi Alaya ‘20 shares impassioned opinions over the war in his native Syria and dictator Bashar al-Assad.

The first article referenced in the podcast covers newly uncovered information on Syrian prison camps. The article alleges that over 100,000 prisoners are being held in them and that over 14,000 prisoners have been killed in the camps. Alaya and Wilbur then discuss information from an Al Jazeera article covering Arab-Kurd tensions in the Syrian city of Deir Az Zor. The final topic of discussion is sourced from an LMTonline article detailing 19-hour waits for gas in Damascus and economic stagnancy in Syria.