“Muslim Stories, Muslim Authors” in West’s library

Over the next few weeks, the library will be showcasing stories about Muslim youth.


Alyssa Skala

Renee Gould ’22 sitting next to the library display.

Students walking past the library windows may catch a glance of curling gold lettering and brightly-colored book covers on the latest book display. These next few weeks, the library is showcasing books written by Muslim authors, and specifically books featuring Muslim protagonists. 

This follows an influx of amazing stories written by up and coming Muslim authors. So Jill Hofmockel, the head librarian, decided to feature them as part of her initiative to help every West High student feel at home. 

Two years ago, after the results of the student climate survey, we started to really try to focus on lifting up our minority and our marginalized students.”

— Jill Hofmockel

Unlike many of the previous displays, this one has no affiliation to any other organization and is simply to encourage students to read stories outside of their circles.

As Hofmockel puts it, “I hope that kids who are not part of those marginalized populations will also have their awareness raised and have an opportunity to read a book that is from the perspective of someone whose life is very different from theirs, and that their experience as readers in a way that grows empathy and learn more about people who are not like them and become a better informed person.”