iJAG hosts care box drive to support Four Oaks

The program’s community service effort hopes to supply the organization with winter clothing and personal hygiene items.

Alex Carlon and Marta Leira

As part of their yearly community service efforts, West’s iJAG program is holding a winter care box drive to support Four Oaks Family and Children’s Services. The drive began the week of Nov. 24 and will continue accepting items through the end of the season. The drive hopes to collect personal hygiene and winter clothing items to support the youth and families who stay at the center.

“If you have something and you see that [other people] don’t have it, why not give it to them if you have sources to get it and you can just help provide,” said Sabrianna Williams ’22, iJAG member and one of the drive’s organizers.

Students can drop off items in the west wing and main offices as well as in decorated boxes placed around the school. Items needed include winter coats, feminine hygiene items, lotion, soap, dental hygiene items, gloves and socks.