Positive Plays!

You open up your computer, scrolling through the games you have installed. You don’t really feel like playing them, the same thing over and over gets boring and sometimes it’s just nice to play new things, to cleanse your gaming pallet. Well, don’t worry! I’ve got a few gaming suggestions for you.

The first game I’d recommend is Hypnagogia. Hypnagogia is a game made by Sodaraptor, and it’s inspired by LSD: Dream Emulator. It was made for LSDJAM 2020, which is a game jam for smaller developers to create surreal games. It’s soundtrack is incredibly well made, composed from multiple different artists. Throughout the game, you go through different dream worlds, each world unique in it’s own way. As you progress through the game, it gets more and more unnerving. The game has very interesting platforming, and isn’t very had to play. Despite not having a huge overwhelming plot, it’s fun to interact with the NPCs, and learn about the current dream world. The creepier parts are slow building, and there aren’t any jump-scares. Another plus is the graphics, Sodaraptor did an amazing job at emulating the ps1 graphics style with polygons. It’s amazing that this game was made in only 26 days.

Overwatch is another fun game I’d recommend. It’s made by Blizzard, who also made World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Overwatch is described as a hero shooter, and has a large cast of diverse playable characters. Each character has a unique play style, varying in skill level, and roles. There’s three different roles, tank, damage, and support. Each role is important in it’s own way, tanks usually have massive health bars, and shields, and they are meant to take damage for the team so they can push forwards. The damage role is meant to deal damage to the other team, which is also important to push forwards, because if the other team isn’t taking damage, they are going to easily overpower your team. Support is very important because they heal the teams, and make sure that your team doesn’t die. There’s different games to play as well, such as deathmatch, quick play, competitive, mystery heroes, capture the flag, and elimination. Although the gameplay can get repetitive, it’s still fun because the characters have emotes, different skins, voice lines, and victory poses. Even if you don’t play very often, it’s still fun to log in every two months and join in on their events, such as the Halloween one, or the Winter Wonderland event. It’s very easy to get attached to the characters themselves as well, each character has their own lore, and most have known each other and have interactions within the game.

If you enjoy collecting games such as Pokemon, I’d recommend to you; Bugsnax. Bugsnax is a fun psychological horror game for ages 7 and up created by a team of developers called Young Horses. In Bugsnax, you play as a journalist arriving at an island called Snaktooth. You capture and scan various species of bugsnax, each bugsnax being very different and having very food related names. Similar to Pokemon, they also say their own name! Bugsnax is a very lovable game with characters that have many ranges of personalities. The game is also inclusive, having not one, but two lgbt couples! The plot of the game, however, is pretty dark, although the developers say it was intended to be even darker than it is now.