Nature by Nate

Explore photos of Iowa’s nature in the springtime.

Nature offers a very wide variety of things to photograph and is always there to photograph at all times. I wanted to show this and to get outside, so I made my photo essay about Spring in Iowa. I tried to highlight the outdoors around me. It’s starting to get a lot nicer outside so I wanted to show what that’s like. Throughout my photo essay I tried to incorporate a wide variety of plants and animals. 

 I went on many walks with my phone camera out ready to photograph anything interesting. I went to my grandparents farm in Central City where there were lots of great things to photograph. I went outside in the cold and warm, and walked all over the place, I came home with my favorite pair of shoes muddy. I tried to pay attention at all times to see if there were any birds or other interesting things to photograph. I tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to photograph a lot of animals from close up. 

I learned a lot throughout the course of making my photo essay. I learned how to change the settings on my camera, which took a lot of googling, and things like what happens when I raise or lower things like the ISO. I had to make the ISO higher a lot because trees in the forest blocked out the light. I also learned that photography is very artistic, and that’s not just about capturing what is there, but making your photos interesting because of how they’re taken. 

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how my photo essay turned out. I was able to get some really nice photos, since I saw some cool things, like ducks and mushrooms. I also like the colors I was able to get like the light blues, and the bright greens, because that showcases what nature’s like in spring. The photo techniques turned out pretty well since I was able to get a nice natural lighting for my photos, and apply changes in aperture when possible.