Tessa Gibson’s Photo Essay

Life In 2021

My photo essay revolves around the theme of 2021. Each picture shows a different aspect of my life this year. It is already springtime in Coralville and it is mind boggling that time is flying so fast. One representation of the passage of time is the changing appearance of the trees. While relaxing this year, I have been listening to new genres of music, new artists, and even old nostalgic songs. Listening to music has provided a great sense of comfort. To pass the time during the winter, my family brought out the old board games from the attic and started putting them to good use. Playing games and interacting with my family has been one of my favorite parts of 2021. Also, with getting an education in 2021 many students depend on technology for their classes which has been quite an adjustment. During this time, I have also developed a liking for cooking and baking. Also, communication with friends during this time has been difficult as the most common way to interact during the pandemic has been through a device.

I chose this topic because my 2021 journey has been an eye-opening experience. I find it very intriguing to see the contrast between life before quarantine and current times. I also think that in the future, if I ever come across my 9th grade school projects, I will be reminded of how life functioned back then. I think these pictures turned out well. Honestly I think these pictures represent overall what my life has been like these past four months and it is bizarre to see. Ultimately, I enjoyed the process of creating this project. It gave me a clear perspective on how the pandemic has changed my day to day life.