TDOV: Transgender Day Of Visibility

This year, there has been a record number of anti-trans bills proposed in U.S. state legislatures. International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is March 31, and it was celebrated by LGBTQ Iowa Archives and Library at the Pentacrest with a rally this year. This rally’s purpose was to bring people together to fight the recent attacks from our own state legislature. Some of these attacks would have forced people into the wrong bathrooms, barred trans girls from sports and ban gender-affirming care for youth. Although these bills may have not passed, the fact that people are still considering them is the problem. These bills would go against science, the knowledge of medical professionals and basic human decency. This is why this day is needed; the fight is far from over, and people are trying to remove the finish line, but people at the rally hope that we can stop these bills and move in the direction of progress.