Julianna Mascardo’s Photo Essay

Julianna’s Picnic Photos 04/04/2021

Introduction Paragraph: Despite complicated schedules with the online and in-person school as well as extracurriculars, sophomores Julianna Mascardo ‘23, Asher Overholt ‘23, and Nao Oya ‘23 found a way to fit a lovely spring picnic on Easter Sunday this year. After a three-month planning period to find a good time to have it outside and be able to social distance with masks, Oya found the perfect weekend for it. The first weekend in April was in the 70s and sunny, making it “The perfect day for a picnic.” said Oya. Mascardo bought snacks, a sheet, and their camera to take photos and Oya prepped homemade milk bread for everyone. The group planned to meet at the Cosgrove Institute to hold their picnic in the back where a large prairie sits. Masscardo had recommended this setting after having gone many times back in summer 2020 and the setting fit the picnic aesthetic they were going for swimmingly.