There is only one perfect body, and that’s yours!

This article is about body acceptance. It’s time to start looking in the mirror and say “You’re healthy, and I accept you!” -Demi Lovato

De'Jah Jordan, WSS Intern

“If only I had an hourglass figure, then would I be satisfied? Or maybe just a smaller waist.  While we’re at it, let’s get rid of the hip dips, too. Then maybe I’ll be an Instagram model with the perfect body.” How many times have you thought about this?

I say, scratch that. There is only one perfect body, and that’s yours! All bodies are beautiful! Whether you’re shaped like an hourglass, a rectangle, an apple, or a pear. 

Steering you in the direction of embracing your body, I’ll give you a quick run down describing the body type, who represents that body type, and give you an idea of what looks best on you. 

An hourglass figure has a nearly equal hip and bust area with a slimmer midsection. A lot of the time people confuse this figure with one that’s more of a pear, which we will get into later. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are well-known examples of this figure. I love it when people with an hourglass figure wear pants with a flared end. It adds another symmetrical element to the body and it becomes a beautiful puzzle. Also, show off your waist, because if you got it, flaunt it!

A rectangular figure has an equal bust, hip, and midsection. Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and the members of Blackpink represent this community. All these women accentuate their figure perfectly. If you’re going for a look that gives you more curves, cutouts are your best friend. They add curves to the body,  different prints and patterns do this also. If you want to look like you have a smaller waist use a belt, a dark one if you can. Or just wearing darker clothing around the waist gives a slimming effect also. 

An apple figure has a large to average bust with narrower hips. Some tend to have a fuller midsection while others mid-section are more equal to their hips. Jodie Sweetin, Adele, and Angelina Jolie are a few examples of women with an apple figure. All of these ladies have a noticeably larger bust. V necks, square necks, or really anything that shows off the chest area paints this body well. Dresses that accentuate the underbust also go well with this body shape. If you want a sense of balance I would say go for anything that is flowy at the bottom.

A pear shape has a smaller bust area as well as shoulders with wider hips making the midsection appear slimmer. Beyonce, Dearra, and Doja Cat are some well-known people with this figure. They look like they lean towards an hourglass figure but their shoulders and bust are slimmer. If you want a more balanced look go for tops that will draw attention to the upper part of your body. Balloon sleeves, ruffles, bowties, v necks, and etc look great. To show off your curves, bodycon dresses, jumpsuits, and crop tops are your best friend.

I have a rectangular body type, and while it’s great to try and achieve a smaller waist and more curves, we should also start embracing our bodies the way they are. Wear clothes that don’t give you curves, wear that bodycon dress that shows off all the undefined parts of your body, and look good doing it! This goes for all body types.

We as a whole have been roped into this idea that a woman’s body has to have curves in certain places, and flatness in others. We should start saying that a “woman’s” ideal body is the one they were born with.

Although there many more different shapes and body types know that one is not superior to the other. There is no perfect body in this world, but if there is anything even close to it, it’s yours 100%. A University of Melbourne study found that sleeping naked boosts your confidence.  I haven’t tried it but if you’re comfortable enough to do it, try it out! For every negative thing you say about your body, I’m challenging you to say two positive things about it. Embrace yourself!