Weekly news wrap-up

Online Co-News Editor Audrey Parish discusses the schedule for finals week, the military coup in Sudan, the world’s largest ice cream sandwich and other top stories you might have missed this week


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Hey! My name’s Audrey Parrish, I’m a junior here at West high and welcome back to the WSS weekly news wrap-up! I’m going to keep this intro short, but I will be sharing news from West, Iowa, the US, the World, and some weird/wacky news at the end. Here we go. 


In news from the West, the final days of the trimester are approaching and as they draw nearer, finals week does too. The schedule for finals has just come out, so I will share it with you now. On Monday, Nov 8, students will have finals in English and science. Nov 9 is social studies, and Nov 10 is math and world languages. Then we take a break on Nov 11 for a day to study and have interventions and make-ups. The cycle repeats Nov 12, 15 and 16 with English and science on Friday, social studies the next Monday, and math and world languages on Tuesday, the last day of the first trimester.


Next up: Iowa news. This week, a former boys track and field coach was arrested on kidnapping and sexual assault charges, although there is still an ongoing investigation. 


Moving forward. We have a lot of news from the US, so here’s a brief overview. James Michael Tyler, most famous for his role of Gunther on the TV show Friends, died at 59 of prostate cancer. In other news, a bomb cyclone, which is a storm that increases 24 millibars of pressure in 24 hours, has triggered evacuations in California from places near burn scars. The final piece of news for this section is that NASA scientists have discovered the first possible planet outside of our galaxy. This possible exoplanet was discovered in the Whirlpool galaxy, about 28 million light-years away from us. 


In world news, Sudan is experiencing a coup. On Monday, the military dissolved the transitional government in Sudan and declared a state of emergency. Prime Minister Abdulla Hamdok has been temporarily detained as well as several other government officials. 


And finally, here is some fun news. The world record for the largest ice cream sandwich has been broken. This sandwich weighed a total of 2,960 pounds, surpassing the previous world record by 500 pounds. The sandwich was constructed in a Nebraska Hy-Vee, and took a team of 30 workers 5 hours to complete, and was later donated to food banks.


That’s all I have for you today, tune in next week for the next edition of the WSS weekly news wrap-up!