Star review: ‘Red, Taylor’s Version’

WSS staffers Eleanor Weitz ’24 and Tessa Gibson ’24 give their opinions of Taylor Swift’s newest album.

Eleanor Weitz and Tessa Gibson


Taylor Swift has been slowly taking back her music. Starting with her own version of “Fearless” she’s remaking her whole discography. Sadly, the reason she’s had to take these drastic actions is because she lost the rights to all of her music produced and recorded from her old company Big Machine Records.  The good news, is that even though Taylor is going through all this hassle, she’s releasing songs “from the vault” for all of her fans. That means that she’s putting out songs that she wrote at the time of her original albums that didn’t make the cut. Taylor Swift fans also known as “Swifties” are ecstatic at the new music and a closer insight on her life. With her rerecording of “Red” Taylor’s popularity has been skyrocketing once again. On Friday November 12th, Taylor broke the record of most streamed female artist in a day and most streamed album by a female. She’s put out multiple new music videos and is rumored to be doing a collaboration with Ed Sheeran in the near future.  “Red, Taylor’s Version” has done so much for Taylor’s career and we love all 30 tracks on it. If you want to hear a detailed ranking and review of the album listen to our podcast below.