Weekly News Wrap-Up

Co-News Editor Audrey Parrish discusses MLK day, supreme court nominees, Ukraine, M&Ms and other top stories you might have missed this week.


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Hi everyone and welcome back to this week’s West Side Story Weekly News Wrap Up! Today I’ll be bringing you an overview of what happened in the news this week at West, in Iowa, in the US, the world, and a bit of weird, fun news to top it all off. Let’s get started!

Last month, we were supposed to have a day learning about and celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. that was canceled due to cold weather. Next Thursday, March 3rd, the second day of the next trimester, we will make this up, and so there will not be regular classes.

Also, the ICCSD school board recently decided to add 6th grade to junior high, instead of elementary school. This will go into effect starting in 2024.

In Iowa news, the Cardinal Community School District, which is about an hour and a half away from Iowa City, decided that next year, they will have only a four day school week, and will add only 25-30 minutes to each school day to reach the required school hours. This idea was brought up in a school board meeting on Monday and was passed with a unanimous vote. This decision was made to help the school district hire teachers and to address mental health concerns.

Today Joe Biden announced Ketanij Brown as his nominee for the next supreme court justice who will replace Justice Stephen Breyer upon his retirement. She is currently on DC’s federal court of appeals. If approved, she will be the first Black woman to be on the Supreme Court.
(Next week: State of the union March 1st)

In world News, Russia invaded Ukraine yesterday. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, confirmed that 137 people were killed and another 316 have been injured just on Thursday. Many experts fear that this conflict could escalate, although it is unknown whether the US or NATO will get involved.

In weird news, have you ever wondered how many M&Ms can be stacked on top of each other? The world record is currently six. This impressive feat was done by Brendan Kelbie. He co-held the record in 2020, which was four M&Ms at that time. His record was then beaten a few months later, but Kelbie has finally reclaimed his title. He currently holds 14 world records, including the highest number of drumstick flips in one minute and longest time spinning a basketball on his nose.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all next week!