Behind the curtain of Theatre West’s ‘Anastasia’

Get to know the cast and crew behind the highly anticipated spring musical, ‘Anastasia’.

Tessa Gibson

Alaina Greenlee, Video Editor

Anastasia’ is finally taking the stage, but what goes on behind the scenes? With more than two hundred cast and crew members, Theatre West has had a profound impact in its members’ lives, including promoting future careers.

“It has definitely inspired me and shown me that there’s more beyond high school,” said Samantha Croco who plays Anya. “It’s shown how many amazing people I can meet and how I can really grow with people and do what I love to do, so it’s definitely playing a part in my future plans.” 

Under the direction of the cast and seven student-led tech crews, the final product is beyond astounding for the department’s hands-off directors.

“My favorite part of all of it is the point where as a teacher and as a part of theatre, and I think the other directors feel the same about this, is that we can sit back and watch the kids do everything,” said technical director Christian Aanestad. “We eventually get to the points where we’re hands-off and I just love the realization and the joy you see in students faces when they realize that they did this…Like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we pulled that off” and ‘it was amazing and so much fun’ and you have that unity and that pure joy. I think that’s probably what I missed the most about theatre.”

As the year returning from COVID-friendly performances comes to an end, ‘Anastasia’ will take place starting Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m., and Saturday at 1 and 7 p.m. Tickets will be available to buy both online and in person with tickets starting at $16.50 per adult, $11.50 per student or senior citizen, and $6.50 for ICCSD employees.