Tech-nically Art

Digital art is a highly criticized form of art. This comic goes into the misconceptions of digital art from personal experience.


Erinn Varga

Questions that digital artists are frequently asked.

Erinn Varga, Print Design and Opinion Editor

As someones who uses digital art as their main medium, I’ve personally have had these questions thrown at me. Some are out of curiosity while others at downright hostility. This comic hits someone of the verbal attacks on digital art, and how art is quite beautiful no mater what form it takes.

Comic Transcript:

Dark Blue: What are you doing?

Bright Blue: Oh, just sketching

Digital Art: Art made using software or other technology.

Dark Blue: Does digital art even count as real art?

Bright Blue: Yes, it does.. Digital art takes the same amount of skill. It’s just simply a different medium.

Medium: The materials used to create art.

Bright Blue: Digital art has many helpful uses like a multitude of brushes, redo’s, and more, but it still takes time to learn and use them to your advantage.

Dark Blue: Isn’t digital art easier to do?

Bright Blue: Well actually, Most digital artists start traditional. Some go to digital art because traditional supplies can be hard to afford long term. And a lot of traditional and digital art overlap in helping your skill. There are advantages and disadvantages to both forms. How ‘easy’ it is to use the medium should not be tied to the work of an art piece.

Bright Blue: You shouldn’t invalidate others hard work to validate your own. Art is art. Shouldn’t we respect the hard work and skill both traditional and digital artists put into their creations?