Which West High teacher are you?

In this quiz, learn which West High staff member you are!

Isabella Tisdale, Features and Visuals editor

The 22-23 school year is back in full swing at West High. Students are starting to know their teachers better and vice versa. So, Learn who you are the most similar to in this quiz! This edition includes the following faculty members with a few personality questions about them. Mr. Neuzil is a government teacher and has 9 dogs! Sheila Stiles is an athletic trainer at West and loves sports. Ms. Overholt is the secretary for West High and everyone’s favorite email notification. Ms. Ruiz is a Spanish teacher and runs Unidos club along with being part of educators rising. Mr. Frese is an English teacher and is the girls basketball coach for West. Finally, Katy Nahra is an English teacher and director for Theatre West. Learn more about these faculty members and yourself in the quiz below!