Cap and gown orders due for class of 2023

On Friday, Oct. 28, Jostens will be at West High to collect cap and gown orders from the class of 2023.

Although it is only October, the 2023 graduation ceremony preparation starts now. This Friday, Oct. 28, cap and gown orders will be collected by Jostens staff. Seniors can head to the main office at any time to receive an information envelope with details of all the graduation goods that can be purchased. Any other questions can also be answered by the main office staff, or Jostens help center.

The Trojan green cap and gown is a West High graduation essential. (Camille Gretter)

There are various packages that can be purchased with different graduation items, but there are also sets of necessities to walk across the stage in June. A complete set of a cap, gown, tassel and stole is set at $45.95. You can also get smaller sets including only a cap, tassel and stole for $33.95. If you already have a cap and gown, you can purchase a tassel and stole for $24.95.

Any students with recent West High graduates in the family can reuse caps and gowns, as they are the same color as previous years.

Orders can be placed online on the Jostens website or at West High in front of the main gym from 10 am until 1 pm on Friday, Oct. 28.