Spotify Wrapped 2022 breakdown

It’s that time of year again! The Spotify Wrapped for 2022 has arrived. WSS Staffers ask West High Students about their results and analyze statistics.

Click here to see West High Students’ Spotify Wrapped 2022 results!

Spotify Wrapped is an annual summary of how users listened over the year. The 2023 Spotify Wrapped included features such as an “Audio Day” showing how a user’s music taste changed throughout the day, statistics like how many minutes a user listened and their top songs and artists and a magazine cover featuring some of those top artists. Some of these are recurring staples of Spotify Wrapped, but a few were a welcome surprise this year.

One of the new additions to Spotify Wrapped this year includes a “Listening Personality” for each user. It’s based on classic personality tests, such as the MBTI test. and has sixteen possible options for a user to receive. 

Another notable feature of Wrapped 2022 was “Your Artist Messages”, short thank-you videos from a user’s top artists followed by their most listened-to song from the said artist. There was a dramatic increase in artists involved with this feature this year, from 100 artists in 2021 to over 40,000 in 2022. 

Spotify also released additional statistics on top songs and artists overall. Bad Bunny took the top spot for the most-streamed artist for the third year in a row, with Taylor Swift and Drake taking second and third place respectively. Coming in fourth and fifth were BTS and Lana Del Rey. When it comes to top songs, Harry Styles’ “As It Was” took home first place, followed by “Heat Waves” from Glass Animals, and “STAY (with Justin Beiber)” by The Kid LAROI. Bad Bunny took both fourth and fifth place with “Me Porto Bonito” (feat. Chencho Corleone) and “Tití Me Preguntó.”

Additionally shared by Spotify were some interesting statistics on playlist creation. Spring and summer of 2022 saw a 660% increase in “Coastal Grandmother” related playlists, a 320% increase in playlists related to “feral girl summer” and a 205% increase in “they’re a 10” playlists. More notable increases involved a jump in “Country Wedding” and “Little Miss” affiliated playlists, as well as “It’s Corn” by Tariq, The Gregory Brothers and Recess Therapy being added to over 520,000 user playlists. 

While Spotify Wrapped is supposedly your year in music in review, Spotify’s official support Twitter account has shared that it only tracks up to October 31 and starts up again on January 1st. This means that the majority of the music that you listen to at the end of the year won’t show up there, so if you want to see your holiday tunes on your Wrapped, you might want to start blasting Mariah Carey extra early next year.