Q and A with members of philosophy club

Members of philosophy club share what they enjoy about it.

The school year is halfway finished, and philosophy club has kept up its membership. Learn more about what members think of the club.

Why did you join philosophy club?
“I wanted to get better at understanding a lot of [different types of] ethics. Also, I thought it was cool,” said Gwen Smith ’26.
“My friend couldn’t convince me to join [at first], but now I’ve come to enjoy it,” said Veni Kotev ’26.
“I had some extra time after school and it sounded fun. My friends are running the club, so I just wanted to try out,” said Biswash Bhattarai ’23.

What’s your favorite part of the club?
“I like the snacks. [I] also [like] moral topics because it’s fun to think about it, and also helps me think about other topics,” Smith said.
“I like the snacks. That’s what got me into it, plus the friends,” Bhattarai said.

What are some of the things you’ve learned that you find interesting?
“I really enjoyed learning about very nuanced types of skepticism, because I think that’s cool. Like, how do we know if the world actually exists?” Smith said.
“The Experience Machine. You can either choose to live in a simulation where you get everything you want, or you can choose to live in real life. I thought going into the simulation would be the best plan. Debating that was my favorite part,” Bhattarai said.

How has philosophy club helped you in real life?
“This has helped me a lot with debate. In debate, I use a lot of philosophy. It helps provide a little more of a basis than what I get from some writing on a page,” Smith said.
“It’s inspired a lot of thinking [for me] outside of this club, and often when it comes to decision making. I have a wider arsenal of thoughts that I can use to make informed choices,” Kotev said.

Who would you recommend the club to?
“I’d recommend the club to everyone, especially people who are interested in reasoning and analysis. I’d recommend it to debate people, and maybe people that just like learning about new stuff,” Bhattarai said.

“I would recommend it to someone who wants to think about the world around them from a different point of view, and is looking for something to challenge their thinking,” Smith said.