A thorny Valentine’s Day

Didn’t have a date this Valentine’s Day? Consider it a way to avoid a bad date. Listen to West High students as they reflect on their bad and awkward dates.

Paige Albright, Ashlyn Brady, and Eleanor Weitz

Imagine this, your crush asks you out for ice cream. You guys sit down and start eating and all of the sudden… the date’s ruined when you accidentally flick ice cream across the table. Should you say something or will that just make it more awkward? 

“While we were eating, he goes ‘what’s that?’ He looked down at his finger and there was a spot of ice cream and it definitely wasn’t his. I said ‘oh that’s not mine’, because I didn’t want to admit that I flicked [ice cream] across the table,” says a student about an experience they had on a date. 

Whether your plan this year is to go on an ice cream date or just sit on your couch with a box of chocolates, the idea of possibly having a bad date haunts you during the month of February. Like the staple rom-com couple in the movie you might watch, bad dates and Valentine’s Day are inseparable. 

West High students have had their fair share of terrible and weird date experiences. This Valentine’s Day, tune in as Paige Albright ‘23 uncovers more awkward date stories.