Sustainable fashion club holds crochet workshop

If finals week has been getting you stressed out, you’re not alone. Hobbies like crochet are a great outlet to relax so try it out next Wednesday.


Nicole Lee

Visit the sustainable fashion club to try out an easy and inexpensive hobby.

Nicole Lee, Opinion Editor

The one benefit to quarantine is that it introduced people to try out and enjoy new hobbies. Baking, gardening, working out, Animal Cross, etc. A popular one in particular— crochet. Along with other yarn-included practices like knitting and macrame, people discovered crochet to be a great time-killer, easy to learn, and with a great payoff with products such as cute stuffed animals or a warm pair of mittens. An inexpensive activity that gets the creative juices flowing is exactly the ideals the sustainable fashion club tries to promote.

With the upcoming trimester 3 being sure to bring on a new workload on students, why not stop by room 126 to visit the sustainable fashion club’s crochet workshop? Being held next Wednesday, March 8, at 4:15 pm, this workshop will give students a chance to learn a fun new hobby that might help take their minds off their upcoming exams. Anyone is welcome to join, returning students or complete beginners alike. Email [email protected] for any questions!