Artificial Intelligence is making it easier for students to cheat

Bonnie Ding ‘26 explains how AI manipulates people into thinking that it’s useful for academic purposes.

AI is a kind of robot used to simulate humans’ intelligence by mimicking problem solving skills. Go to ChatGPT and type in any topic you want to read about. It’s pretty shocking knowing that a robot can write as perfectly as a human can. Reading these essays, knowing the difference would be a struggle especially since the level of performance is quite alike. According to Forbes , about 90% of students use ChatGPT. 

We all experienced high school and we all know how stressful school can be. Students are in school to learn, and relying on ChatGPT defeats that purpose. Nowadays, there are many high school students using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to plagiarize their school work. As a result, there are several problems that may occur. High school students aren’t aware of how copying and pasting defines plagiarism, resulting in a 0 on their transcript. This would be a bad reputation for colleges to look upon you if you were wanting to be accepted in a good college for high paying jobs. This should discourage students from cheating because doing your best and using your own words will result in a higher score than plagiarizing does. 

When you don’t plagiarize you get to learn and become smarter as a person. This is beneficial to your grade and your future self as you become a better thinker and trustworthy person. It also boosts up your understanding on knowing why school exists. It isn’t for people to sit down and copy and paste but to learn and help prepare and show off your knowledge towards your future career. According to NerdyNav, the number of users using ChatGPT reached over a billion last month starting from Nov. 30, 2022.

AI can do any task like making essays, drawings, and literally anything you can think of. This can be good because it drives down time taken to perform these tasks. However, people might soon become a lot lazier in the future if they become too reliant on it, potentially putting themselves out of a job. AI may eventually overpower people and start taking more and more jobs. Right now, this may sound ridiculous, but it’s possible. The amount of computers and iPhones users increased over time which might seem ridiculous 2 million years ago.

According to Global Village Space, AI can collect data faster than humans can. This is a disadvantage for us since it strengthens their mind and gives them the ability to do any work faster than we can. On top of that, around 85 million jobs could end up eliminated from this cause of replacement. This results in serious problems as it’s harder for people to find jobs and earn money from. These jobs would include many types of technological tasks like engineering, data professionals, manufacturing, and marketing goods. Looking farther into the future, there would be significant impacts on students’ future employment options as there would be fewer to pick from. AI can be helpful in some ways but with too much help from them, that’s when they get out of control. 

Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and even Elon Musk have periodically warned the public about “Super Intelligence” that will surpass human intelligence

— Magazine Desk

Data chart of our Human performance versus the best AI system. Data by Bloomberg.

As you can see, AI is improving while our human brains are still in a stable line with around 66% of performance. Because there are high schoolers using AI to plagiarize,  they can’t get any smarter since all they are doing is copy and pasting. With that, their brains can’t improve since they aren’t using their brain to think.  With that, the graph is showing that our human brains can’t get any higher with the use of AI. The more people use AI, the more people would give feedback on improvements to this technology. With the feedback, improvements can be put into place, making the minds of the technology smarter and smarter. With that, this makes more and more people use the ChatGPT. Because this is smarter than human brains, it means that the writing and tasks are more beneficial.

Recently on March 23, Eliot Higgins posted a fake picture of Donald Trump getting arrested using AI. The most shocking part about this is that many people around the world received this misinformation as it reached many news sources including PBS NewsHour, Forbes, BBC, and many more. Because of this, many people realized how dangerous AI can be.

Demonstrates possibilities of what AI can do. Photo by Bonnie Ding.

This is just one of many examples of AI that impacts us. Students should be able to understand the treacherous dangers and consequences of the use of AI.