Students host the 5th annual Walk it Out

The multicultural fashion was held in the North Band Room on April 8th.

Gianna Liu and Anna Song

Students representing Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, Europe, Black America, East Asia, and South Asia came together on Saturday, April 8, to perform in the annual Walk it Out show. Both the participants and audience enjoyed the view of flags and multicultural artifacts displayed while sharing traditional food contributed by West High families and local restaurants before the show.

The fashion show started off with Latin American showcasing colorful Folklorico skirts worn for dancing. The students continued to perform rapping, singing, K-pop dance, and a Jirtik Wedding Ceremony. The night ended off with an upbeat Bollywood Fusion dance performed by Seniors Mohana Sunkara, Shivy Mannengi, Sanket Deshpande and Krisha Kapoor.