Red-green flag colorblind

West High gives their insight on what behaviors count as red or green flags.

On an average day on the internet, it’s quite common to see some discourse about a seemingly harmless behavior followed by a slew of waving red flag emojis. This new lingo has quickly become commonplace in plenty of social circles. From alternative teens on Twitter and TikTok to 40-year-old moms on Facebook, red and green flags are the trendy new way to express opinions. 

In contrast to the playful nature of many people’s usage of red and green flags, their normalization has helped many people struggling in abusive friendships and relationships to realize they aren’t being treated well. Oftentimes seeing something you’re struggling through in writing allows you to fully understand its relevance in your life. Overall, the use of red and green flags as symbolism for wholesome or toxic behavior has led to positive growth and awareness in many lives. 

Watch our TikTok linked here to see what students and teachers at West High consider red and green flags.