On the arts: Jesse Gray ’15 and Lauren Gray ’16


Jesse Gray ’15 and Lauren Gray ’16 pose in front of their piano at their house


Q&A with Jesse Gray ’15 and Lauren Gray ’16

West Side Story: What do you like about the piano?
Jesse Gray ’15 (JG): [I like how] the notes are set out for you, and is easier to figure out what to play.

WSS: Who is your musical inspiration?
LG: I like Adele because she is very talented and independent.

WSS: What quality is important to have as a musician?
JG: Perseverance, because if you have difficulties in your music is it important to push through and try your hardest.

WSS: What kind of music do you listen to?
LG: [I listen to] a little bit of everything, but lately my favorite has been “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. I like how the lyrics are very motivational.

by Megumi Kitamoto