Abby Walling to compete at Intel’s International Science and Technology Fair this May

While many students are preparing for the end of school with excitement, Abby
Walling, ’15, is preparing for the Intel International Science and Technology Fair
in Phoenix this May. She was awarded this opportunity after winning “Inspiration
Award” from the Iowa Academy of Science, first prize in her division, microbiology,
two scholarships from the Iowa Biotechnology Association and the Iowa Energy Center,
and also “Champion Overall”.

Walling’s project was to test whether there was a naturally occurring bacterium in grass
that fermented ethanol. She was guided by a few professors at Iowa State

and teachers at West High who helped her conduct her experiments and
critiqued her presentations. “I could never have done all this without the
help from so many generous people,” said Walling.

At the Iowa Science and Techonology Fair, Walling competed against 200
people but will be taking a big step up this spring, competing with around
1,600 participants from over 40 different countries. “It will be such a great
experience to meet other scientists around the world and learn about their
projects. The opportunity to enjoy the fair will be rewarding enough, no
matter how I compare,” she said.

By Frannie Rizzo