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The student news site of West High School

West Side Story

The student news site of West High School

West Side Story

Boaz Abramoff 22 looks to serve the country in the coming years after being a part of both the West High football and track and field programs.

Committed to serve

Maddy Smith and Nate Gudenkauf October 10, 2021

Most students have never thought about risking their lives for something. This is not the case for senior Boaz Abramoff. For him, there is no better future than giving back to the country that saved his...

Imani Hedt 23 reflects on the differences she has seen so far after moving from Australia.

Across the ocean

Ruba Ahmed-Abdelmutalab and Ella De Young October 7, 2021

From frequent sightings of kangaroos to crashing waves within walking distance, life in Geelong, Australia is extravagant compared to the fields of corn in Iowa City, Iowa. Living in two starkly different...

New teachers at West recall how they ended up teaching here.

Welcome to West

Katherine Shoppa and Zaira Ahmad October 6, 2021

The 19 new staff members at West this year are Monica Aparicio Ruiz, Jeff Boevers, Michael Clark, Camille Crossett, Andrew Durham, Renee Gibson, Kate Jurak, Marjorie Lane, Emily Magnuson, Javier Montilla,...

After a journey full of trial and error, Spanish teacher Javier Montilla has found a home in Iowa City.

Journey to West

Katherine Shoppa and Zaira Ahmad October 6, 2021

Spanish teacher Javier Montilla’s journey to teaching at West was long and uncertain. His love for creating engaging and energetic Spanish lessons stemmed from his background in music and performing,...

For some students, their high school years become a balancing act between their interests and what they believe colleges want from them.

The college conundrum

Lilly Graham, Kamakshee Kuchhal, and Helen Zhang October 5, 2021

You fill with dread as your alarm blares repeatedly. Under the heap of honors homework and AP review books, you groggily reach out your hand to find your phone: 8:47 a.m. You feel panic threatening to...

From sports to music, extracurricular activities can enrich a students high school experience. However, participation often comes with a steep cost.

The price to play

Maya Chu, Heidi Du, and Soomin Koh October 1, 2021

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. But does hard work beat monetary resources? Without proper financial investments, success in sports, music and other extracurriculars becomes far...

Damage from the Derecho.

Reflecting on the August 2020 Derecho, and what we can learn from it

Jack Harris, Online Copy Editor and Arts Editor October 1, 2021

“In the middle of the derecho I heard things coming down on the house, it sounded like the house was going to cave in. When I came upstairs, there was a limb that had gone through our roofing and through...

The fault line is called the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden line, and according to the U.S Geological Survey, it is the same plate that caused both the earthquake in 2010, and the earthquake this year. 

Earthquake affects: The emotional magnitude of earthquakes

Audrey Parrish, News Co-Editor September 30, 2021

If asked, most students might say that they know of Haiti. They might mention the country’s history of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, or the enormous amounts of poverty seen there....

The new Cyber Security Club allows students to expand their digital knowledge.

Club connection: Cyber Security Club

Maddy Smith, Visual Editor and Feature Editor September 22, 2021

The digital age has begun and technology is only getting better. Many people feel like it is moving too fast for them. The Cyber Security Club has a solution to that. An entire club dedicated to the practice...

Jack Wallace 25 looks to pass for a first down against Davenport North on Sept. 17.

Rising star: Jack Wallace ’25

Owen Aanestad and Barry Diallo September 21, 2021

West Side Story: When did you first show interest in playing football? Jack Wallace '25: I think I started showing interest around first or second grade. It has always been my favorite sport, and I...

Advice from West High’s first graduating class

Alaina Greenlee, Video Editor August 21, 2021

West High’s historic class of 1971 returned to the newly renovated building and reminisced on their vastly different experiences. By sparking change through combating dress codes and gender roles, this...

A photo collage of Dr. Shoultz and the senior class of 2018 that appeared in the 2018 senior issue of West Side Story.

Above and Beyond

Mishka Mohamed Nour, Profiles Editor June 11, 2021

Composed, passionate, lighthearted and a fun guy. All are words used by West faculty to describe their former principal, Gregg Shoultz. He served the ICCSD community for 20 years, but his journey started...

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