Bubble Pop


Yiming Liu

A quaint little place in the Old Capitol Mall, downtown Iowa City. Bubble Pop is a relatively new boba tea shop that is on the rise, seeing lots of traffic from college students, West High teens, and happy families alike.

This boba shop has a great atmosphere, rocking a soft pastel pink interior and bright floral patterned furniture that you could probably find in your grandmother’s house. The overall effect is endearing, cutesy, and wholly pleasing to be a part of. But the best part of their atmosphere by far are the non-stop k-pop music videos that play on the TV for you to enjoy.

The service and workers are also a strong point for Bubble Pop. The people there are kind generous, and put a brand new meaning to “service with a smile”. In addition to that,  barely two minutes after I had placed my order I had my drink in hand and was ready to kick back and relax. I highly recommend the strawberry tart boba which tastes like strawberry milk but more flavorful.

Although everything was mostly positive, there are two negative points. The prices of everything shocked me a little. The boba was about $5.00 and a tiny pack of pastries was $2.50. I even did a double take before paying for my drink, because I honestly didn’t expect it to be so expensive. Also, the shop closes a bit early at 5:00 p.m. so don’t count on this place to satisfy your late night boba cravings.

This shop is great for afternoons with friends or for whenever you’re feeling a hankering for some quick and quality bubble tea. You should definitely (bubble) pop in if you have the chance.

 Compiled by Ebony Mckeever and Yiming Liu