1 in 2000: Eowyn Twitchell ’17


Eowyn Twithchell ’17 has done horror makeup on herself

Zayetzy Luna

Don’t worry; Mr. Iannone didn’t get into a fight. His cuts and bruises are just an example of what Eowyn Twitchell ’17 can do. Twitchell is a self-taught makeup artist who has been interested in makeup for around two years and has used YouTube to learn new techniques.

“I became interested first by the illusion aspect of beauty makeup,” Twitchell said, referring to the “before and after” pictures of girls doing transforming themselves with makeup.

She also became intrigued because makeup was a thing hardly used by the women in her household. Luckily, she had the support of her father, who encouraged her to pursue her passion. In the beginning, Twitchell would practice on herself and her siblings. People soon discovered her abilities.

“I would be the girl everyone would call on before homecoming or prom to do their makeup and hair,” Twitcell said.

Soon she began to explore other aspects of makeup, such as horror makeup.

“The idea of turning an normal person into an alien or a monster just seemed fascinating to me,”  Twitchell said with much enthusiasm.

When she first started doing horror makeup, she quickly realized it would take much longer because she would be creating a whole new feature to a face not just enhancing the ones already there.

“At first it would take me hours to do a simple bruise. Now, I can do them in minutes.” Twitchell says proudly, and we can see it in the making of Mr. Iannone’s “pummeling,” which only took twenty minutes.

“I get most of my makeup as gifts or from sales because [makeup is] really expensive,” Twitchell said.
Twitchell does not only dream of being a professional. She is currently trying to acquire a internship at a California beauty institution to work alongside big-name professionals.

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Eowyn Twitchell’s Tips for Beginning Makeup Artists

 1) Practice on yourself, your friends, and your siblings a lot. Even if it’s at four o’clock in the morning.

2) YouTube is key. Search up tutorials and practice until you feel confident it looks the same. Then keep practicing to lower the time it takes you do it.

3) Read makeup reviews online before you go and spend $30 on a product.

4) Don’t spend $30 on a product. Wait for sales. There are many great sales after Halloween, so stock up.

5) Paint brushes work much better and are a lot cheaper than “makeup” brushes.